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XINKAITE of bearing rings to production?

Time:2016.08.27 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
1, forging: forging process to produce fire, overheating, cracking into the carbide can reduce the toughness and strength of ring. Must always be strictly controlled temperature, heating and cooling after forging conditions (such as spray cooling), especially after the bigger ring forging temperature 700 ℃ above, shall not be stacked display.
2, heat: the heat treatment equipment to monitor closely is an important workshop.
Reliability of the monitoring equipment. Temperature control apparatus shall be closely monitoring gauges, thermocouples, and other important, ensure that the data is accurate and reliable; excessive errors must be promptly replaced, no sick runs.
3, grinding process of monitoring. Product XINKAITE bearing race grinding burning and crack are not allowed, in particular the screwdriver on the mating surfaces of the inner ring may not have burned. Ring if the pickling full inspection should be carried out, out Burns, severe burns, no rework or repair is not qualified and should be scrapped, grinding burn rings are not allowed into the Assembly process.
4, identity management, storage after steel to ring before grinding, each procedure must be strictly managed, between GCR15 and GCR15SIMN of two different materials and products.
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