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Check the operation bearing listening method

Time:2016.08.29 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Check the operation status of the machine and prepare a thorough inspection program has become increasingly important, among which the bearing is the focus of attention because it is the most important of all the machines rotating parts, condition monitoring is an important part of preventive maintenance in the early It detect bearing damage due to equipment downtime to avoid bearing damage caused by unplanned maintenance period.
In particular the importance of bearing in the machine or harsh environments should regularly check the current market has a considerable number of systems and instruments for monitoring bearings, these instruments have largely based on measured vibration.
However, not all machines are equipped with this advanced equipment, in this case, the machine operator or maintenance engineer must be bearing [fault signal] remain vigilant, such as noise, vibration and temperature. [Listen], [Touch], [observed] are three important factors that view provided below can be used as your reference.
Use hearing to identify irregular operation is a very common method, such as by means of an example of an electronic stethoscope to check feel a part of the unusual noise is experienced operators to use. If the bearings are in good running condition emits a low hum sound, if a sharp hissing sound, squeaking sound and other irregular sounds, {TodayHot} usually means bearing in poor operating condition.
Sharp squeak noise may be due to inadequate lubrication caused. Improper bearing clearance can also cause metal sound. Dents on the bearing outer ring raceway can cause vibration, resulting in smooth and crisp sound, if due to the installation caused by percussion scars will produce noise, the noise level will be with the bearing speed varies. If there are intermittent noise, it means that the rolling elements may be damaged, when this sound occurred in the damaged surface is rolling out of date, if bearing contaminants often cause a hissing sound, serious damage to the bearing will produce irregular and loud noises.
Bearing damage can of course be perceptible by hearing, but usually at this time has the bearings must be replaced immediately unavailable. Therefore, it is preferable to use methods such as electronic monitoring equipment status, pre-eruption off the functioning of the bearing.
Compared to the old method (using a stick or screwdriver against the bearing housing, the other end of the stick to the ear), the use of advanced equipment more accurate prediction of bearing condition.
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