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Deep groove ball bearing basic structure and analyze the pros and cons

Time:2016.08.29 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Deep groove ball bearings of the basic structure and the pros and cons analysis Abstract: Mechanism analysis of a pulley shaft connected with new forms of multi-edge tools to improve the surface quality analysis breaker selected new view high-efficiency motors demands speed and precision of China Why not build high-end machine? Mori Seiki launched the new 5-axis CNC vertical machining center CNC 58T Why PDM system is a powerful tool for enterprise system integration? Line cutting taper machining and programming examples of applications in Taiwan Release Caution nanoscale mold jig grinding technology and common fault pulse-type flow sensor Calibrator Design and Application of CBN grinding wheel to create the "perfect crank" Yamazaki Mazak new generation of multi-face machining machine ANGURAX 900 new Quantum-Plus wheel powder metallurgy friction material introduced to buy good machine has 6 strokes laser welding applications cam engine overhaul the transmission of Tribology design open network CNC technology and its development trend analysis of the merits of structure The basic dimensions of the sliding bearing rolling bearing lubrication analysis compared compared to plain bearings deep groove ball bearings deep groove ball bearings compared to bearing size bearing bore size category type bearing miniature bearing small outer diameter in mm bearing medium bearing the merits of deep groove ball bearings general conditions for efficient hydrodynamic lubricating bearings Rolling quite mixed lubrication bearing capacity to withstand impact loads less radial clearance.

Bearing size classification

Type bearing outer diameter bore size bearings miniature bearings d <10 D <16 small bearings d10 16 <D80 medium bearing d35 80 <D180 ※ Unit: mm

Analysis of the merits of deep groove ball bearings

Compared with plain bearings, preferably deep groove ball bearings and plain bearings compared to under 1 bad, the general conditions of deep groove ball bearings, bearing efficiency and hydrodynamic lubricating bearings pretty, but more mixed lubrication bearing is higher; 1 , poor ability to withstand impact loads; 2, the radial clearance is relatively small, can be used to angular contact bearing preload preload available to eliminate backlash, high running accuracy; 2, high-speed heavy load under low bearing life; 3 for the same size shaft diameter than the width of the rolling bearing sliding bearing small, can make the machine axially compact; 3, the vibration and noise is large; 4, most of the rolling bearings by both radial and axial load, bearing it a simple combination of structure; 4, the radial dimension larger than the slide bearings; 5, less consumption of lubricant, easy to seal, easy maintenance; 6, do not need to be useful for non-ferrous metals; 7, high degree of standardization, mass production, low cost;
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