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How to improve the accuracy of the actual mating bearing when installing

Time:2016.08.29 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
In order to improve the accuracy of the bearing with the actual installation, you must not use the measurement methods and measurement tools bearing deformation of the bearing bore and the outer surface of the size of the actual mating precision measurements, measuring about inner and outer diameters all items to be measured, and the measured data to make a comprehensive analysis on this data, the precision worthy of the shaft and housing bore bearing mounting portion size. In actual measurements made with the corresponding shaft and housing bore and geometry, measurement should be done with the bearings under the same temperature conditions.
In order to ensure a higher actual match results, and the seat surface of the shaft and the bearing hole match, the roughness should be as small as possible.
In making these measurements, should be in the outer and inner bore bearings, as well as on the corresponding surface of the shaft and housing bore, chamfer on both sides close to the assembly, respectively, can be made showing the maximum deviation of the direction of two marks, in order to in actual assembly, so that both match the maximum deviation of the alignment of the same orientation, so that after assembly, the two sides can be partially offset deviation.
Objective make two directional signs, that can compensate for deviations into account, even if supported at both ends of each rotation accuracy improved, but also the seat holes and ends between the two bearing journal concentricity error were partially eliminate. Implement measures to strengthen the surface of the mating surfaces, such as sand blasting, with a diameter slightly larger than the precision plugs plug a hole, etc., are beneficial to improve the fitting accuracy.
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