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Some Precautions maintenance and inspection of bearings

Time:2016.08.30 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
1, in the use of SUNTHAI bearing process, regular cleaning is very important. How accurate cleaning bearings? First check the bearings removed, first with photography and other records look good way. In addition, to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then cleaning bearings.
2, bearing the rough cleaning and fine cleaning points wash suspended, and at the bottom of the container using a metal grid.
3, coarse wash, oil and other top clean grease with a brush or adhesive material. In this case, if the migration shift in oil bearing, and other damage due to foreign bodies Note blend rolling surface.
4, sperm washing, in the oil slowly migrate transition bearings shall be hard to abort.
5, daily use neutral cleaning agent without water or diesel oil, according to the demand sometimes use warm lye. No matter what kind of cleaning agent used, filter should always be clean and confrontation.
6. After cleaning, immediately SUNTHAI bearing anti-rust coating rust oil or grease.
  To get bearings for longer service do mechanical operation, regularly SUNTHAI bearing routine testing is necessary, can be effectively detected by the discovery of the problems caused by mechanical operation, so the problem is a good solution, effective increased bearing life.
    When detecting the main observation of the rivet head has no bearing skew, relaxation welding position is not correct. Cage welding is good or bad. Welding point is not too small, there is no firm welding, soldering or caused by excessive card balls and other issues. Bearings are detected during the special needs attention. There are other problems that need attention.
    Bearing partial testing. First imported bearing on the environment should be checked in the presence of light environment, it is best astigmatism, so as to better bearing external observation to see its surface cracks and no other abnormalities. For example, the mechanical process of cloud wear, scratches, pressure touch, the device will lead to bearing offset, resulting in poor device location, causing flat load and stress concentration, reduce modeling accuracy and service life of the bearings.
    Further work environment also pay special attention to moisture or contaminants most likely to lead these bearings rust, rust is resulting in poor SUNTHAI bearing installation, early wear and tear, will lead to more serious have direct bearing scrap. So pay special attention to water and moisture during use.
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