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Failure to maintain the plane bearing Notes

Time:2016.08.30 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Plane bearing fault characteristic showed severe failure does not exceed a week when the big, bigger equipment, capacity, speed, the shorter the interval. Therefore, the actual bearing fault diagnosis, once found fault with advanced features, should decisively determine the bearing failure, repair as soon as possible.
     1, shaft and bearing housing tolerances choice and control: bearings pressed into the plane bearing should be flexible rotation no sense block. If significant rotation is not flexible, it means that the shaft size is too large, cut to tolerances. The bearing pressed into the shaft turned by hand after the obvious "imperfections" in a sense, it may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness is not good. So when good control shaft and bearing housing tolerances should control the roundness, many domestic manufacturers only the tolerance control, no control of roundness.
    2, the bearing assembly methods: Because bearings are precision products, such as improper assembly is likely to cause damage to the bearing channel, leading to bearing damage. Bearing in the assembly should have a dedicated mold and can not beat, when pressed into the shaft force only a small circle, the circle can only force when pressing circle. Assembly requires the use of pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, when the press-fit to the outer upper and lower mold in a horizontal state, if inclined plane bearing channel will lead to damage due to power, leaving the bearings guide ring.
    3, the assembly to prevent foreign bodies: bearing mounted to the rotor dynamic balance when it is easy to iron produced when balancing into the interior of the bearing, so do the balancing is best fitted before the bearing. Some manufacturers in order to facilitate assembly, the assembly in the bearing chamber coated with some oil or grease lubrication effect, but the operator is often difficult to control the amount, if oil or grease in the bearing interior accumulates more in the bearing rotates very easily along the shaft into the plane bearing interior. Bearing chamber is preferably not coated with oil or grease, such as non-coated non-bearings shall have to control indoor accumulates.
     4, paint rust prevention: After paint rust is characterized by multiple sealed-type motor, the motor assembly, sound good, but put in the warehouse for some time, the motor becomes very abnormal sound, remove the bearing severe rusting. Many manufacturers will be considered to be bearing problem, through our continuous propaganda, now the motor plant has been realized mainly insulating paint problems. The main problem is because the insulating paint out of the volatile acidic substance at a certain temperature, humidity, corrosive substances are formed, causing bearing damage after the plane bearing channel corrosion. This problem can only be a good choice of insulating paint, and after a period of time after drying ventilation assembly.
We should arouse our defects in this and other countries wary of the bearing assembly performance, failure tends to be very quick, very sudden. That is two hours later, the example digital measuring rotor shaft.
These counterfeit bearings fault diagnosis, we should focus on high-quality flat bearings are usually under time-domain spectroscopy device and vibration conditions, the accumulation of abnormal events in the spectrum of the normal amount, in order to promptly determine when a bearing failure, avoid equipment accident.
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