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Bearing lubrication, maintenance methods

Time:2016.08.31 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
For as long as possible in order to maintain a good state bearing the original performance, to be maintenance, overhaul, in order to prevent accidents in the first place, to ensure the reliability, increase productivity, economy. The best operating conditions and maintenance of the corresponding mechanical operating standards on a regular basis. Including monitoring the operating condition, supplement or replace the lubricant regularly demolition inspection. As a matter of maintenance operation, angular contact ball bearing spinning sound, vibration, temperature, and so the state of the lubricant.
Bearing cleaning: When removing the lower bearing overhaul, the first recorded appearance of the bearing, to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant, after sampling inspection lubricant, wash bearings. As a cleaning agent, use ordinary gasoline, kerosene.
Removed to the bearing cleaning, cleaning and fine cleaning sub-thick, were placed in the container, put the first metal net bottom, so that no direct contact with the container bearing the dirt. Coarse cleaning, if the bearing with dirt rotation will damage the bearing rolling surfaces, should be noted. In the crude oil washing, use a brush to remove grease, adhesive material, generally clean, into sperm washing.
Sperm washing is bearing while rotating in cleaning oil, while carefully cleaning. In addition, cleaning the oil must be kept clean.
Bearing maintenance and judgments: In order to determine whether the removed bearing can be used to wash clean after contact ball bearing checking angles. Check the raceway, rolling surface, with the surface state of cage wear, increasing the bearing clearance and dimensional accuracy has nothing to decrease the damage, abnormal. Non-separable type of small ball bearings, the inner ring with one hand the level of support, rotating outer ring to confirm smooth.
Angular contact ball bearings and other separation-shaped bearings, rolling elements can be, the outer ring raceway surface were examined.
Large bearings because they can not rotate by hand, pay attention to check the rolling body raceway, cage, ribs and other exterior surface, the higher the more important to be careful bearing check.
Causes of bearing overheating is probably not installed correctly, the installation will cause skew ball bearing raceway is not the correct position of the scroll, or even cause a large ball end surface of the bearing inner race and an outer race thrust block units, resulting in bearing overheating.
    There is another possibility that the size of the housing bore and shaft diameter measurement inaccuracies or mating surface roughness does not meet the standard requirements, resulting in excessive interference fit, the bearing race severely squeezed, causing the bearing itself reduce the radial clearance, the angular contact ball bearing rotation difficulty, fever, increased wear or stuck, in severe cases can cause the bearing race rings during installation.
    All the anti-friction bearings in the bearing substantially contains two hardened steel ring, a plurality of hardened balls or rollers, and a separation roller or separation roller holder or frame. These types in use is divided into many categories. Some types, such as needle roller bearing, may not have the inner ring, rollers directly on the shaft movement hardened.
   In practice, it is necessary to use more than the recommended amount of grease situation is there. When the desired torque low, only very little can be done for bearing grease lubrication. When the speed is very low and when the bearing is exposed to dust or moisture, the bearing may almost be filled. Angular contact ball bearing is usually higher than under normal circumstances require more frequent lubrication at high speed and high temperature conditions.
The importance of stability of bearing grease
In general, the filling amount of grease inside the bearing, always exceeds the actual requirements of direct involvement lubrication, the bearing and the shelves holding the cover into the cavity, and a contour formed in the periphery of the rolling element. In this process, since the excess grease resistance, bearing temperature rises rapidly. Although most of the excess grease in the initial operation i.e. extrusion, and extrusion greases raceway annex also it may still be turning into rolling between the rolling element track. In these early stages of bearing most of the grease quickly (less than a minute) was out of the raceway, and the accumulation of grease in Bulgaria at the same time as the rotation of the bearing circulation, have a small amount to be discharged. At this time bearing Timor degree still continue to rise until the excess grease Bearing all been discharged so far, can be called the stage go together grease, the grease in the bearing structure according to quality, filling and other factors, this time may last more than a dozen minutes, or even hours.
After remaining bearing grease is completely discharged, leaving a small amount of grease in the rolling elements, raceways and maintain contact with each other face frame, a thin layer of grease film role membership wedge formation to enter the normal stage bearing . Then the temperature was gradually lowered and the equilibrium state. That is, the long-term lubrication, mainly relying on this layer of grease film to bear. In addition, in the process of long-term operation of the bearing, the rolling elements and raceway contour vicinity holder and grease to separate the part of the shrinkage of the base oil, flowing into the channel between the rear roller, the lubrication also have some complementary role .
Different opening contours formed bearing grease in the bearings is not the same, must be formed relatively quite on the draft outline, go together a short time, in the long-term operation bearing temperature is low and stable, this is an ideal grease, it is particularly important for the grease into drainage.
Some so-called vortex type grease is not the case, difficult to form the outline of even forming the outline is also easy to collapse, then roll back repeatedly hang for a long period of excess grease is stirred strongly conditions, bearing torque, high temperature, and imbalance may also produce noise, grease also perishable and loss.
Bearing temperature processing
When the bearing temperature rises, it is determined whether a malfunction, such as elevated indeed, should be treated as follows:
(1) Check the cooling water pressure, flow, and piping systems are normal. Flow down may be clogging of the filter and can not handle, you can stop processing, when it is confirmed to work when put into use again.
(2) should check governor oil pressure, low oil pressure may result if the cooling water hydraulic valve is closed.
(3) Check whether there is abnormal sound bearings, bearings and bearing swing detect whether there are abnormal.
(4) Take oil samples to observe whether there is oil color change, and testing to see whether the deterioration. If confirmed deterioration should be replaced with new oil stop.
(5) Check the oil standard oil level is normal, if abnormal, check the sump drain valve is closed. If closed, should up the oil, if oil leakage is sealed pads should stop processing.
When we use the bearing, if found to its very high temperature conditions, the device quickly stops running, then find out why, and processed as described above to provide a solution, but may be due to different reasons bearing fever, so solved in different ways, so we should treat specific conditions, completed with the help of the technical staff.
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