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Linear bearings operating rules and precautions

Time:2016.08.31 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Bearing exhibit during its use in a strong regularity, and repeatability is very good. Normal quality bearings (linear bearings) at the start of use, vibration and noise are relatively small, but some scattered spectrum amplitude are small, probably due to some defects in the manufacturing process, such as surface glitch caused.
A period of time after exercise, maintain a certain level of vibration and noise, the spectrum is a single, only for one or two multiplier. Rarely occurs more than three times the frequency spectrum, bearing condition is very stable, into the stable phase.
And continue to run into the post-use, bearing vibration and noise begins to increase, sometimes appear abnormal sound, vibration increases but changes more slowly this time, bearing kurtosis values began suddenly reaches a certain value. In our view, this time bearing that is manifested as initial failure.
In this case, the bearing requires close monitoring, pay close attention to the changes. Thereafter, bearing kurtosis values began to decline rapidly, and close to normal, and the vibration and noise began to significantly increase its growth began to accelerate dramatically when the vibration exceeds vibration standards (such as ISO2372 standard), which also started bearing kurtosis rapid increase, when the vibration exceeds both standards, and kurtosis values than normal (relative standard available kurtosis), we believe that the bearing has entered production late failure, the need for timely maintenance equipment, replacement of linear bearings.
Bearing exhibit features advanced fault to a serious failure (usually as axle bearing damage, burns, sand shelf spallation, raceway, wear beads, etc.) Great time not more than a week, the greater the capacity of the device, the faster the speed, the the shorter the interval. Therefore, in practical bearing fault diagnosis, once found fault with advanced features, should be decisive to determine the presence of bearing failure, maintenance arrangements as soon as possible.
General Bearing quality bearings is very strong, is not an ordinary bearing products can be compared, but even if there are good or bad bearings, such as authentic Japanese production of bearings better than domestic joint venture on production of a lot of bearing quality, so how are we going to detect bearing quality is good or bad it!
    While the new technology uses one cage, but it is only saves material, while the difference between the two rotation properties than the body. Overall, the service life of bearings and three factors are related, one bearing the quality itself. Second, the use of the environment. Third, the installation method.
    Bearing chamfer does not determine the quality of the bearing, but it reflects the processing method of the bearing. Chamfering is black, shows that, after hardening heat treatment, which increases the hardness of the bearing, and some people think that black does not look good for the chamfering processing is not complete, this is a misunderstanding.
    Found that many customers based on sales experience that as long as the bearing surface brightness is good quality, which is wrong. Bright surface bearing species should be glossy black, glossy black is the cause of this bearing steel used whether the target and its grinding and cutting fluid used, etc. produced, which dominated the previous two.
Even invisible dust into the bearings smile will add wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.
Direct linear bearings when handling them, plenty to wash hands sweat, and coated with high-quality mineral oil and then suspended operations during the rainy season and summer special attention to rust.
In some extraordinary operating premise, the bearing can get better at the traditional contest controversial life, especially under light load conditions. This is an extraordinary operating premise is that when the rolling surface (track and rolling element) are effectively separated and limit pollutants may lead to a destruction of the surface of the lubricant film. In fact, under the premise of fantasy, so-called permanent bearing life is possible.
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