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Excluding double row deep groove ball bearing friction bearing abnormal noise and maintenance

Time:2016.08.31 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Double row deep groove ball bearing with the effect is to make the stationary ring and the rotating ring of the bearing mounting portion, respectively, of the stationary part (usually the bearing) and a rotating part (usually the shaft) consolidated together in order to achieve a state of rotation Limited movement and load transfer systems with respect to the basic tasks of the position of the stationary system.
The shaft and the bearing housing, the bearing requires a fixed position in three directions radial, axial and tangential direction. Radial and tangential positioning of a tight fit through the double row deep groove ball bearing rings achieve mining, axial positioning only in a few cases were a tight fit; commonly used axial spacing parts, such as a cap and collar, etc. the axial position is defined in the clearance range.
Double row deep groove ball adhesion and prevent the formation of boundary lubrication properties of the bearing shaft diameter in direct contact with the pad. Effect of Friction Material compatibility factors are:
 (1) the degree of difficulty as vice material alloy metallurgy.
 (2) materials and lubricants affinity and capacity.
 (3) to the Deputy material without lubrication friction coefficient.
 (4) The microstructure of the material.
 Thermal conductivity (5) of the material.
 (6) the surface energy characteristics of the material and the size of the oxide film.
The high-pressure oil pump oil through the nozzle hitting the bearings, bearing the incident through the other end of the bearing oil flowing into the oil sump. When the bearing is rotating at high speed, the rolling elements and cages are also at a relatively high rotational speed of the surrounding air stream is formed, it is difficult with the general method of lubricating the lubricating oil to the bearings, the lubricating oil must then sprayed with a high pressure jet method to double row deep groove ball bearings, the position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the cage holding center.

Double row deep groove ball bearing configuration operation abnormal sound troubleshooting

Although the metal bearings, but also damage, no matter what the hardest substance will damage, but the extent of the damage just not the same, we all know that good quality double row deep groove ball bearings, steel manufacturing are good steel is very strong material, but also damage the bearings in the machinery in operation every day, non-stop friction bearings is also very easy to break it, so we have to prevent bearing damage, to maintain good bearing, do not make use of the bearing, give yourself unnecessary losses.
To ensure that the bearing is generating an excessive deformation during installation, but also from these aspects must be done, for double-row deep groove ball bearing, there are many things to do, the following information about it should be noted that those aspect effect.
1) no engine idling sound obvious, but issued a "giggle" sound at high speed (issued by the crankcase)
2) After the emergency fuel release the throttle instantly sound more pronounced.
3) no significant change after the temperature rises. When the load increases, the noise increases.
4) sound than the sound bearing slow and short.
1) from the engine speed to idle speed when excessive sound clear, as the speed increases, the sound is more prominent, the bearing ring.
2) to carry out a cylinder off the fire test, the sound diminished or disappeared, for the bearing ring.
3) Regardless of the level of speed and temperature are audible, and the engine vibration, do not change the sound off the fire test, compared with the bearing alloy ablation.
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