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Bearing Maintenance and adjustment with the use of bearing clearance

Time:2016.08.31 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Four bearing maintenance features
We know that the majority of damaged bearings in general have to be replaced, but for some bearings, repair it if the cost is not high, we will choose to repair the bearings.
Datum transformations composition repair method
Sometimes the design basis deformation is too large to use, we must choose some other side as a reference, while the size of a chain re-integration. For example, if the bearing deformation is too large, it should be the basis of the rotary assembly, rework correction bearing body, then press out the reworked bearing body size, adjust the assembly dimension chain, the method of repair adjustment ring, according to the size of the chain detection and repair of the order, the last of the closed loop control accuracy.
Benchmark unchanged combination repair method
When resizing and repair chain accuracy, based on the reference coincidence principle, only use a plane as a reference, namely the design basis, while all other repairs are acting surface as a reference surface. This combination repair reference for inspection accuracy, reduce the accumulation of errors. For example, the governor hydraulic coupling repair, often bearing body as a reference.
1. suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics
For the spindle temperature will not be too high and the machine thermal variations, or to affect the machining accuracy poor bearing lubrication, it should be based on the structure of the spindle bearings, speed and bearing clearance and other selected appropriate temperature and oil required to have a good viscosity-temperature characteristics , to prevent the spindle temperature and ambient temperature change is large, the change in viscosity is too large to affect its lubricating properties.
2. Good lubrication
To make the contact surface between the shaft and the bearing to maintain a uniform film, and when the spindle start or stop motion film to produce an impact load is not caused by sabotage, to maintain good lubricating properties to reduce friction and friction plays a hot, reduce the spindle temperature, guarantee the role of precision, requires a good lubricating properties.
3. good resistance to oxidation
Spindle when the cyclical lubrication, spindle bearing oil requires long-term use without deterioration so requires a good oxidation resistance.
4. Good anti-rust
Since the spindle oil lubrication system work process will inevitably mixed with the air condensing water or machine coolant, thus requiring oil has good corrosion resistance.

With the use of adjusted bearing clearance

Even the eyes can not see the small dust will adversely affect the bearing. Therefore, to keep the surrounding clean, so that the dust will not invade bearings.
Bearing in use to give a strong impact, it will have scars and indentations, a cause of the accident. In severe cases, it will crack, break, care must be taken.
Avoid having to replace existing bearing work, you must use the right tools. We often emphasize the importance of the tool, because there are too many clients using the wrong tool in the installation resulting in bearing damage.
The shaft and the bearing housing, the bearing requires a fixed position in three directions radial, axial and tangential direction. Radial and tangential positioning through the tight fit of the bearing rings achieve mining, axial positioning only in a few cases were a tight fit; commonly used axial spacing parts, such as end caps and the axial position of the collar and other limited within the clearance range.
Should be chosen with the focus on the following four points:
(1) the peripheral surface of the bearing rings should have good support and even by force, to reduce the distortion, and give full play to the carrying capacity of the bearing.
(2) rings can not slide in its mating surface in a tangential direction, otherwise it will damage the mating surfaces.
(3) the free end of the bearing must be able to change the length of the shaft and the bearing hole adapt, which must have the ability to accommodate axial position within a range of swimming.
(4) must be taken so that the bearing installation and removal easy, saving time saving time and labor costs. When the operation of the bearing, the hands sweat will become rusty reasons. Pay attention to clean hands operation, the best possible wear gloves.
Bearing life with the care and maintenance has a very important relationship, because it is related to the length, the efficiency level of bearing life. Maintenance Bearing maintenance of good use, it will bring a lot of benefit, for example, can bring high productivity to produce higher quality products and precision, several maintenance can extend the life you once again to save the procurement costs .
1 adjustment shim method:
Between the bearing cap and the bearing end faces fill put a set of soft material (soft or flexible sheet steel) gaskets; adjustment, first hold the gasket mounted on the bearing cap, evenly tighten the side bearing end caps screw hand side of the axis of rotation, until the rolling bearing and the shaft inside the outer contact without a gap so far; then measure the bearing cap and the bearing clearance between the end faces, coupled with the bearing shaft during normal work needed the gap; it is required to fill put the total thickness of the gasket, and then prepared to fill pads placed between the bearing cap and the bearing end face, and finally tighten the screws.
2 adjusting bolt method:
The pressure ring is pressed against the bearing outer ring, adjusting bolt pressure; pressure adjustment before the first pitch to measure the adjustment bolts, and then slowly tighten the adjustment bolt until the internal bearing no gap so far, and then calculate adjustments bolt corresponding rotation angle. E.g. pitch of 1.5mm, the bearing clearance required for normal operation, then the need to adjust the angle of rotation of the bolt 3600 × 0.15 / l.5 = 360; then reverse the adjustment bolt 360, the axial bearing clearance of 0.5mm is obtained and then stop pads to be fixed.
With grease lubricated bearings flow after running 1500 hours should be replaced grease filling the oil in moderation, because too little or too much grease will cause bearing heating, refueling general grasp in the bearing chamber volume of 1/2 ~ 2/3 is appropriate.
However, the use of lubricating bearings, oil should be added to the corresponding provisions of the position;
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