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Rolling monitoring working conditions

Time:2016.09.03 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Magnetic safa rolling element bearing monitoring
Using a magnetic plug rolling element bearing monitoring requirements 1.
(1) applies only to the magnetic plug lubricated with oil, and the oil return pipe through a dedicated key main bearing monitoring.
(2) magnetic plug close as possible to the main bearings to be monitored, in the main oil return passage, with no over-blocking filters, pumps and other hydraulic components.
(3) In order to improve monitoring efficiency, you can create an import and export back to the oil reservoir of the rotary-type oil. Oil reservoir should be made inverted truncated conical shape, the magnetic plug is mounted at the bottom of the oil reservoir. Oil reservoir oil inlet to tilt at an angle, so that oil can be made to cut into it. This is conducive to abrasive wear and lubricant separation maneuver, and settle to the bottom, through the hole into the magnetic plug being adsorbed on the magnet ends.
Morphological characteristics of abrasive wear 2. Under normal circumstances,
Rolling In the running-in period and during normal operation, the size of grains of debris generated is generally 0.01 ~ 0.015mm, and mixed with metallic powder. New bearings in the number of grains of debris generated during the run-in period should be more than the normal operation, after entering the normal operation of the debris and the number of grains of metal powder will be significantly reduced. Under a microscope showing abrasive debris thin and short shape, with irregular cross-section.
3. The failure of the morphological characteristics of the abrasive wear
The main failure mode of rolling bearing fatigue pitting. Rolling fatigue flaking grit size of fragments formed is normally 0.025 ~ 0.05mm. Sometimes larger pieces and mixed with metallic powder. Ball bearing steel balls abrasive debris typically exhibit a generally circular, radially spaced form of rose petals; abrasive debris raceway exhibits a substantially circular surface broken form; roller bearing roller abrasive debris generally exhibit a length equal to two to three times the width of the rectangular form of curling; abrasive debris raceway generally irregular rectangle.
Rolling temperature measuring method for monitoring Attention
By measuring the bearing temperature rise during operation, it is generally difficult to monitor fatigue Rolling arising spalling, cracks or dents and other localized damage, especially in the early stages of injury is almost impossible to find any problems. When the bearing after the long-term normal operation, the emergence of the phenomenon of temperature rise, generally reflected not only has serious problems, but also the rapid development of damage to the bearing failure. At this time, intermittent monitoring of prison conditions often result in leakage. Monitoring if found bearing temperature exceeds 70 ~ 80 ℃, should immediately stop inspection.
For a new installation or re-adjustment of the rolling bearing, by thermometry monitoring its temperature rise within the specified time, you can determine the quality of bearing installation and adjustment, especially the phenomenon of high temperature will be tight when the gap. Identify problems and timely adjustments help extend the life of rolling bearings.
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