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Treatment of spherical roller bearing when there is damage

Time:2017.12.20 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
(1) spherical roller bearing with low noise requirements
In the standard bearings produced in our country, some single column concentric ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings have low noise varieties for motor bearings. Among them, ball bearings from inner diameter 2.5mm to 60mm have three kinds of suffixes, Zl, Z2 and Z3, which correspond to three kinds of low noise requirements, and eight types of roller bearings from N309 to N322. There are also varieties made according to low noise standards.
These bearings can be applied to other machines with low noise requirements, and the price is low, such as the type and size can meet the requirements, try to use these two types of low-noise bearings.
(2) a bearing with relatively small noise
When the above two types of low noise bearings can not be used, a relatively small noise bearing can be used. The specific comparison is based on the following:
1) the noise of the ball bearing is lower than that of the roller bearing, and the relative sliding bearing (friction) noise is lower than that of the relatively sliding bearing.
2) the noise of the solid cage bearing is relatively lower than that of the stamping cage. The noise of the bearing with plastic cage is lower than that of the above two cage, and the noise of the outer ring is smaller when the ball number is large.
3) high precision bearings, especially those with higher precision, are less noise than low precision bearings.
4) the noise of the small bearing is relatively smaller than the noise of the large bearing.
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