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Failure analysis of spherical roller bearing

Time:2017.12.23 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Failure of spherical roller bearing during operation is a common defect, which will seriously lead to failure of bearings to be used normally or cause damage to bearings and equipment. Therefore, when we find out the failure of spherical roller bearing, we need to find out the corresponding measures to solve them. Bearing damage is not a single cause. In order to let you have a more specific understanding, we will tell you what the common failure failures of spherical roller bearing are.
One. Contact fatigue failure
The contact fatigue failure system refers to the failure of the working surface of the bearing, which is subjected to the action of alternating stress. Contact fatigue spalling in spherical roller bearing working surface, often accompanied by fatigue crack, first from the contact surface following the maximum alternating shear stress, and then extended to the surface to form different flake shapes, such as dot peeling or pitting corrosion, stripping shallow spalling completed scutellate. Due to the gradual expansion of the flaking surface, it tends to expand to the deep, forming deep exfoliation. Deep exfoliation is the fatigue source of contact fatigue failure.
Two. Wear failure
Wear failure refers to the failure of the relative sliding friction between the surface of the surface leading to the continuous wear of the working surface of the metal. Constant wear will cause spherical roller bearing parts to be damaged gradually, and ultimately lead to loss of spherical roller bearing dimensional accuracy and other related problems. Wear may affect the shape change. With the increase of gap and the change of working surface, it may affect the lubricant or make the contamination to a certain extent, resulting in the loss of lubrication function, so that the bearing loses the accuracy of rotation and even fails to operate normally. Wear failure is one of the common failure modes of all kinds of bearings, which can be divided into the most common abrasive wear and adhesion wear in the form of wear.
Spherical roller bearing as the main component of the locomotive traction motor, especially the crankcase bearing, its function plays an important role in the safe transport of locomotive running online, once spherical roller bearing failure, will cause the whole trains can not run, blocking the transport line, especially passenger train failures caused by the negative impact the greater the. Therefore, once the spherical roller bearing fault is found, it must be handled in time so as not to cause an accident.
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