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What are the causes of deep groove ball bearing damage?

Time:2017.12.27 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Deep groove ball bearing may cause damage due to various reasons during operation, such as improper installation, poor smoothness, moisture and foreign matter intrusion, corrosion and overload, etc., which may cause premature bearing damage. Even if the device is smooth, and the application protection is normal, after a period of operation, the bearing will also appear fatigue, shedding and wear, but not normal operation. The primary methods and reasons for deep groove ball bearing are as follows.
1. tired and shedding
Table deep groove ball bearing raceway and rolling in both accepted load and relative rolling, because the effect of alternating load, the first under the surface bound depth (the maximum shear stress at the crack form), then expanded to touch the surface appearance of attack off pit, and finally to a large loss, this phenomenon is tired fall off. Test the rules in the raceway or roll body has an area of 0.5mm2 tired off pit that life end bearing.
2. wear
Because of the intrusion of dust, foreign body, raceway and rolling body relative motion will cause the appearance of wear, smooth side will increase the wear and wear results of the bearing clearance increases, surface roughness increase, reduce the bearing operation accuracy, so the motion accuracy of the machine is reduced, the vibration and noise increases.
3. plastic deformation
When the ground was too heavy shock load or static load, or cause the rated load due to thermal deformation, or a foreign body of high hardness will be invaded in the raceway surface of dents or scratches. And once the indentation is made, the impact load caused by the indentation will further cause the adjacent appearance to fall off.
4. corrosion
The direct invasion of water or acid and alkaline substances will cause corrosion of the bearing. When the bearing stops working, the bearing temperature drops to the dew point, and the water drops in the air are attached to the bearing surface to cause rust. In addition, when the bearing internal current through the current period, it is possible to go through the raceways and rolling touch points on the body, a thin film of oil by electric spark and electrolytic corrosion attack in appearance, a washboard rugged.
5. dehiscence
High load may cause cracking of bearing parts. The residual stress can be caused by grinding, heat treatment and improper equipment, and the excessive thermal stress in the operation will cause the cracking of the bearing parts. In addition, the device method and device process are not suitable, and the bearing ring and roller chamfering can also be formed.
6. gluing
In the condition of poor smooth and high speed and heavy load, because of the heat of conflict, the bearing parts can reach very high temperature in a very short time, resulting in external burn and glue. The so-called "glue" refers to the phenomenon that the metal on the surface of one component adheres to the exterior of another part.
7. cage damage
Because the device or improper use may cause the holder attack deformation, add it with the conflict between the body and the roll, make some rolling body stuck not rolling, it is possible to form the holder and table inside conflicts etc.. This damage will further aggravate the oscillation, noise and heat, resulting in the damage of the bearing.
The cause of damage: 1. The device is not properly. 2, smooth and bad. 3, dust, metal dust and other pollution. 4, fatigue damage.
Trouble handling: to see that only the rust marks and contaminants are on the surface of bearings, steam scour or detergent cleaning methods should be used for rust removal and cleaning, and after drying, qualified smooth grease can be injected. The same type of bearing should be replaced if you look at the seven common methods of finding fault above the bearing.
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