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Effect of spherical roller bearing surface contact on working friction

Time:2017.12.05 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
The actual contact between the shaft neck and the spherical roller bearing surface can be expressed by the number of actual contact points on the unit area. The more the contact points, the more fine, the more uniform, the better the spherical roller bearing scraping and research, on the contrary, it indicates that the spherical roller bearing shaving is not good. Generally speaking, the more close the contact point is, the more difficult it is to scrape and study. In production, contact points should be determined according to the performance and working conditions of spherical roller bearing.
Spherical roller bearing at work due to shaft and bearing contact friction, causing the surface heat, wear even "killed", so in the design of bearings, should choose antifriction good spherical roller made of bearing material bearing, suitable lubricant and the supply of proper methods, in order to obtain thick film lubrication and improve bearing the structure.
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