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Main causes of engine spherical roller bearing

Time:2018.01.15 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
There are many kinds of spherical roller bearing on an engine, both bushes and bushes belong to spherical roller bearing. In order to ensure the operation precision of the engine, the operation gap of these spherical roller bearing is also very high. Spherical roller bearing engine fault reason can be attributed to any material lubrication critical state and any interference and damage caused by the destruction of oil film clearance operation of the. For example, installation and adjustment is not accurate, parts bump damage and poor cleanliness, improper use, harmful chemical reaction, will cause damage to the spherical roller bearing. According to the statistics of the American Cummins engine failure analysis book, there are four main reasons for the damage to the spherical roller bearing. The percentages of these four aspects are as follows:
1. The damage caused by cleaning is 45%.
2, the damage caused by lubrication is 25%.
3, the damage to the use and installation is 15%.
4, the damage caused by surface reaction and other aspects is 15%.
From this statistical ratio, we can see that the main reason for the damage caused by the cleaning degree to the bearing. There are many ways to prevent damage caused by poor cleanliness: it is only one aspect to ensure the cleanliness of parts during engine assembly, on the other hand, the engine is in use. The operator and maintenance personnel must be in accordance with the provisions of the proper use of timely maintenance, especially long-term work in the dust and chemical raw materials under the environment of the engine, we must take measures to prevent the erosion of dust and chemical gas, ensure the service life of the engine. The alloy layer on the main shaft and connecting rod tile of the engine is the most soft alloy surface, and it bears the largest load and the most easily damaged. So the following reason is the surface damage phenomenon of the main bearing and connecting rod tile, so as to avoid repeated failures after repair.
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