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What are the elements to think about when choosing self-aligning ball bearing

Time:2018.01.04 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Over the years, Chinas mold, machinery, self-aligning ball bearing, electric tools and other professions will save the development and implementation of new products into the planned scale of 11th Five-Year. Together, the relevant professional chamber of Commerce, in its active plan of professional self-discipline, also put the main agenda on the development and implementation of the economy. Chinas hardware occupation has been step by step into the time of saving.
We should actively develop and implement capital saving, substitution and recycling skills, speed up our companys energy saving and consumption reduction skills transformation, implement mandatory elimination rules for high consumption, heavy pollution and backward technology and products, and implement policies that are conducive to capital saving and pricing. We should intensify our understanding and encourage the production and use of energy saving and water saving products, energy saving and environment-friendly cars. We should develop energy-efficient and land saving buildings and form a healthy, civilized and capital saving form of consumption.
Hardware, self-aligning ball bearing has been carried out in the form of safety and environmental protection. What are the elements that should be considered when selecting self-aligning ball bearing? By summarizing, six points for the need to think when selecting self-aligning ball bearing are:
1, radial load
2, axial load
3, combined load
4. Directional load
5. Alternating direction load
6, directional and alternating direction load
In some applications, load in one direction will turn into alternating load once a period of time. This occasion requires special INAself-aligning ball bearing.
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