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Specific methods of self aligning ball bearing device

Time:2018.01.04 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
The static load of the bearing:
When the bearing is in the following condition, the basic additional static load C0 shall be used to calculate the bearing.
Low speed (usually n<10)
R/min) slowly swing back and forth to stop in the long-term effect of load on rolling (accept dynamic stress) or stop state under the effect of load bearing, only in a short time, it is necessary to check the safety coefficient, including the shock load or the maximum load. Fundamental extra static load ISO
The 76:1981 specification is equivalent to the base position of the heaviest rolling body and raceway with the load.
It accounts for touch stress:
Active center ball bearing is 4600Mpa
All other ball bearings are 4200Mpa
All roller bearings are 4000Mpa
Under this stress, the permanent deformation of the roll body and the raceway can be formed, about 0.0001 of the diameter of the roll. On the radial bearing, the load is a pure radial load; on the thrust bearing, the effect is in the axial load of the bearing base.
Checking the static load of the bearing: it refers to the calculation of the safety factor of the static load, which is defined as the s0=C0/P0 type.
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