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bearing in conveyor idler

bearing in conveyor idler seal can be divided into two types with the self sealing and sealing. The so-called bearing seal is the bearing itself into a device with a sealing performance. Such as bearing with dust cover, sealing ring, etc.. This seal occupies a very small space, easy to install and remove, the cost is relatively low. The so-called bearing in conveyor idler plus sealing performance device, is in the installation of the end cap and other internal manufacturing into a variety of performance of the sealing device. Bearing external seal is divided into two kinds of non contact type and contact type seal. The non - contact type seal is suitable for high speed and high temperature applications, with different structures such as clearance, labyrinth and washer. The contact type seal suitable for low speed working conditions are commonly used, the felt sealing leather cup sealing structure.
According to bearing in conveyor idler working conditions and working environment to the requirements of the sealing degree, in engineering design is often integrated use of various forms of sealing, in order to achieve a better sealing effect. The choice of bearing in conveyor idler plus seals should consider the following main factors:
1 bearing lubricants and types (grease and lubricating oil);
2 bearing the working environment, the size of the occupied space;
3 axis of the supporting structure of the advantages, allowing the angle deviation;
4 the circumferential speed of the sealing surface;
5 working temperature of bearing;
6 manufacturing costs.
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